February 22


Vilnius Grand Resort


14 professionals

Speakers / from 9 EU countries

Sander van Riel

attorney at law (the Netherlands)

Hendarin Mouselli

attorney at law (the Netherlands)

Søren Aagaard

attorney at law (Denmark)

Tomas Bagdanskis

attorney at law, Associate Professor, Dr., founder and partner of „iLAW“ (Lithuania)

Ingrida Steponavičienė

attorney at law, associate partner of „iLAW“ (Lithuania)

Raimund E. Walch

attorney at law (Germany)

Aline Vanneste

lawyer (Belgium)

Maarten Simon

attorney at law (Belgium)

Kalle Pedak

attorney at law (Finland)

Svetlana Naumčik

associate partner of „iLAW“ (Lithuania)

Mathieu Bazus

attorney at law (France)

Helmut Latz

tax consultant (Germany)

Thomas Fernandez-Boni

attorney at law (France)

Pawel Krzykowski

attorney at law (Poland)

Bjørn Ludvig Zwilgmeyer

attorney at law (Norway)

Schedule / 8 academic hours

The conference will focus on the analysis and practical application of the directives of the European Union and national legislation on the posting of workers. This legislation and its amendments aim to guarantee greater protection of the rights of posted workers, to establish a level playing field, in comparison with local workers, in host companies, to combat the social exclusion of the labour force in different countries. So, in order to organize the smooth operation of the work process, their knowledge and its proper application is particularly important.


Many companies send their employees to the EU countries. In practice, it is often confronted with specific regulation, especially in the field of tax law, where even the advice of foreign lawyers is needed. For this reason, we invited legal experts from the countries to which most Lithuanian workers are posted.

Each speaker will review topics related to the legal regulation of his/her country relevant to the Lithuanian business enterprises posting workers to the EU countries:

  • Legal status of posted workers;
  • Formalization of foreign missions: practical advice;
  • The tax consequences and potential risks of long-term posting;
  • Temporary employment: formalization, posting, working abroad;
  • Dayly subsistence allowance payment arrangements and taxation;
  • Social Security taxes in Lithuania and the EU. The procedure for declaration of social tax;
  • Taxation of income earned abroad and declaration of taxes. How the rules differ in different countries?
  • Provisions for Collective Agreements applicable to posted workers;
  • Wage guarantee. The requirement for the enforcement of minimum wage;
  • Restrictions on maximum working time. Working time-keeping during the posting;
  • Working/rest time, holidays;
  • Requirements of occupational health and safety. Accidents occurring during the posting.


Coffee, tea, sweets.

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When more than one representative of the same company participates in the seminar, the price for the second and further participants is 160 Eur + VAT.

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